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Mar 11, 2009
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Why have a computerised system in the salon?

Many salon owners simply make do with time consuming pen and paper methods because they simply don’t know what they are missing. Having a computerised system in your salon will make operations cleaner and more efficient than the manual pen and paper method and it removes the element of guesswork. It is important to computerise your business to keep up with modern salons, how could a salon compete effectively if they are using a calendar and pen and paper to run their business?

As well as bookings, what else can they do?

Software management systems effectively manage every aspect of your business. As well as bookings they allow you to store, track and communicate with clients under one easy to use integrated system. A software system stores all client details in one place, such as hair type, colouring history, and even how your client takes their tea, allowing you to personalise your service. Knowing client information allows you to tailor your service to individual client ensuring they receive the ultimate experience. Every client is valuable and important, even if they only visit twice a year this can be shown through remembering them, which is made easy with the use of the software’s detailed record system.
Another element of salon software is the automated stock control feature which gives users the ability to manage and maintain stock levels of key products, facilitating the ability to make key decisions based on actual up-to-date information. Software packages also enable you to evaluate your business performance at the click of a button and also highlights individual team member performance through its reporting systems; this enables managers to spot key performers or those who aren’t working too well.
Most salon management systems also contain a number of tried and tested marketing functions, including SMS marketing messages. Some systems allow you to create contact lists from your client database using any criteria you want, for example you may want to target irregular customers with a 20% off promotion in order to encourage a repeat visit, some software’s will allow you to select these clients from your whole client base rather than offering the discount to all customers and losing a large percentage of profit. Some systems even come with built in campaign templates or the option of producing your own personal promotional campaign. In addition the software can also be used to promote special offers such as discounted retail items.

What are the business benefits of using salon software system in general?

There are numerous business benefits of using salon software, they are able to work out all the sums and figures instead of having to work them out manually which enables owners to access information allowing them to remain up to date and plan ahead. Having salon software will ultimately save you time which can allow you to focus on the business, think about the extra time you would be saving and the money you could be earning in those periods.

The marketing function will also be beneficial for your business as the marketing messages make it as easy as a click of a button to market your business! SMS features also allow you to regularly contact clients with messages, for example thanking people for their business, make them a special offer, recommend a product or service they may be interested in, ask for referrals or share some news that may be interested in, contacting clients on a regular basis heightens familiarity which leads to increased customer loyalty. These SMS features also enable you to contact customers direct, fast and relatively cheap. In addition the SMS function can be used for appointment reminders which can consequently greatly reduce the number of missed appointments. In addition having a salon software package with an SMS feature can allow you to fill in no-show gaps. You could keep a list of clients who can come in at a moment’s notice and keep calling them until someone is free. Alternatively you can send a message to clients saying “Due to the cancellation of a treatment today between 2pm and 3pm 50% discount on all treatments, first person to book will receive the discount!” This offer is sure to get your free slot filled and ensure you spend your time productively, making money!

How could a system be used to counteract the credit crunch?

Your best immediate sources of additional profits and increased business are your existing customers. These are the people who you’ve already invested time, energy and money with to create a relationship. Salon software can help you improve the relationships with your customers as it captures client data allowing you to target them more effectively with marketing material and cross-sell more easily consequently increasing the average customer bill. Furthermore in difficult times it is essential that businesses don’t give up on their marketing efforts, salon software marketing functions allow you to promote your business more easily and cheaply. Customers will be shopping around for the best deals, you do not necessarily have to cut list prices but you may need to offer more temporary price promotions. The marketing features can help you produce targeted and personalised promotions which are more cost efficient than just sending out one generic campaign. Additionally utilising SMS appointment reminders can reduce your number of no shows as which is very valuable to the salon, as the hour or so that is wasted and has lost money is inefficient for business.

How easy are they to use? Do you need to be a computer whizz? Is training available?

Most systems are designed so they are easy for clients to use; good suppliers will offer free training for all employees within the salon and free support therefore if any problems occur through usage they will be on hand free of charge, with no hidden costs.

What is the single biggest advantage of having a dedicated software system?

It is very important to have a dedicated software system provider in order to ensure you have the reliable support you need from them and have access to updates and new releases. The salon software provider should be constantly evolving with new features and updates which should be available to every user free of charge, which will help constantly improve your service and help you build positive relationships with clients. You should request a free trial and demonstration of any software you are looking into to ensure its compatibility with your business.

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