Sam...I thought I saw you..


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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA
At the Nail Olympics awards ceremony in Las Vegas this past weekend... I looked across the audience and saw someone who seemed to resemble your pic... I nearly fell off my chair. But..sigh.. it was not you... someday...

I got to meet Jaqui Jefford! ( I know I spelt that wrong). It was so cool to meet all these people that I have heard of.

I also intruduced myself to John Hauk. I was a little star struck and just went up to shake his hand... I told him my name and he recognized it from Nails Mag!! I could not believe it!

someday I will meet you Sam...
Im pretty sure Ill be there next year to support our UK chicks. If you compete again... I am sure we will cross paths.

Congrats on your win. You deserve it.
Yes I will be there!

You know what... I am not getting notified by email when I get a response to my posts... am I still supposed to?
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