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Apr 28, 2003
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This is a pic of Sam (nothingbutnails) with a client in her work space. It looks a lovely area to work in.
Sam asked me to post this but she needs to let us know a bit more about the pic don`t you think?
It looks like its a home salon but it may not be, so come on Sam, enlighten us

Hi there Deb and thanks for posting piccie. This is me (in the glasses) and the lady with the lovely long hair is my client. This is my space in sunbed shop. Isn't it beautiful. I had just done a set of bronze tip glitter acrylics on her and had been taking lots of photos on my normal camera and camera phone. Am hoping to do an article in Nails or Scratch Magazine (this lady was in OK recently) and is the girlfriend of one of the Rolling Stones sons. Thought it may look good on camera if she were to look like she was changing places with me i.e. doing my nails lol. I have some really beautiful pictures of this rather slim client lol, but all the close-ups of my handiwork are on my camera phone. I have been ill with flu for a few days, but hopefully tomorrow will get cable I need to download close ups from my camera phone.

Hope this explains all.
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