Scheduling software?


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Needing some advice and views on scheduling software for use by a nail tech, whats available, what you use and your views on what you use.

This will be used by a single tech although who knows what the future may bring so the scheduler will need to flexible to allow scaling up from expansion.

The software must be easy to use, accessable via iphone, android and windows etc. It must also be straightforward enough to be used on social media eg FB, Instagram. It must also be cost effective. By that I mean not costing lots per month.

Grateful for your thoughts and views.

I have been using Setmore. I find it really straight forward to use - you can download it as an app on your phone/ipad and use it from desktop. You can add customers (contact info and customer photo) You can add members of staff and it is easy to link to your website for customers to book appointments online ( I always get compliments on how easy to use my online booking system is) I don't know about using it through facebook etc
but I'm not very tech savy - so someone else maybe able to help with this.

Also - it's free to use - which of course is very cost effective! Hope this is of some use
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Shedul is free too, it can be linked to Facebook and can be scaled up. It's free for life if you sign up now, that is all I know as I've only just signed up myself and haven't really looked into it in any great depth. It was recommended to me by a salon, so I'll see how it goes.

Ovatu. £15 per month for a sole worker. We now have 5 workers for about £45pm. Clients love the online booking system and find it very easy to use x

If you are freelance (self-employed) or just 2 stylists/therapist you can use Slick.


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Thanks for the info and suggestions. Its something to give a bit more thought to.

Any ideas on the best salon scheduler for a nail salon with no receptionist? Thinking something has to connect to everyone's calendar using google, but would like to hear any alternatives.


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#8 worth every penny


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We use acuity. Even the basic level one (we got the emerging level free with our hosting) is great - it integrates with websites, there’s a direct link to a booking page, you can link it to your google calendar on your phone so if a client books it goes straight into your calendar, you can send email reminders and follow up emails (GDPR etc) and you can even - if you upgrade - send free text reminders. It’s easy for clients to use and whilst it doesn’t have a lot of client management whistles you can see when someone has booked before, when they’re booking again and make notes.


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Schedul here too, really easy to use and free, I have a reception at a gym with their own log on to book my appointments and they sat it's easy too.

We use Shedul too.Think its great. I have never used a paid for system so have nothing to compare it to. But it does what we need it to which is book clients in. the bonus is that it has the ability to do online bookings and it send txt and email reminders.... The one thing I would like to do though it to send a txt and or email about the original booking....... And it prob does that, and I not worked that bit out