Semi permanent eyelash extensions - product advice


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Rebecca O'Hare

Rebecca's lashes
Nov 6, 2015
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united kingdom
Hi everyone,

I am starting out in the eyelash world and have ordered a number of products. Doing research there is just so much choice. I am wondering whether anyone can give me any advice or recommendations on products they use? what eyelashes does everyone like best? And what glue? any other advice will also be much appreciated!

I absolutely love flirties glue clients always get about 3 weeks between top ups , be up front right away about top ups make sure they need to come back 3 weeks max as I used to let people away with it coming back for top ups and had barely any left and it's like doing a full set again basically and they think it's acceptable so just make sure u let clients know a certain amount is required to be classed as top ups xx

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