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Sep 2, 2015
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I was doing a nail client this afternoon and my hands were slightly shaky! I'm usually fine but I have just started up my own business and this was was of my first proper clients so guess I was a bit nervous! Does anybody else get nervy shakes? It's so annoying I don't want to have it again next time!
I don't get nerve shakes anymore but some of my clients comment on how steady my hand is, then the shakes start [emoji23] it's all in the mind! Try relax and don't think or worry about it they will eventually go away! And congrats on the first proper client xx
Purchase some Bach Rescue Remedy from the chemist, brilliant for shakey hands, there's some threads on here dicussing it if you use the search button X
Don't forget to eat! I always do this if I'm nervous, the shakes are then usually because I'm hungry or low blood sugar.
And as Jersey Jock said, Bach's Rescue remedy is really good, it got me through all school exams!
Not eating and low blood sugar I would guess at...if you don't get chance to eat then keep a pack of mini mars bars in your cupboard with a bottle of water or a banana...obviously if you can eat it's better but I know sometimes it's difficult if you're busy !
I actually have quite shaky hands and it's def obviously sometimes - I don't mind though as I always do a good polish. It's just the way it is. Clients even comment on how steady my hands don't worry about it. I read a post covering this topic some years ago where the Geek would just laugh the shakes off by saying "I haven't had my gin yet this morning!" Try not to focus on it too much, I'm sure you're doing a great job x
When i first started i used to get this panic attacts while i was working on a new client and my hands would start shaking and feld that i wanted to time i almost did!but then i realized that on this occations ,yes i was nervous but also i had not had something to now i make sure that i always eat a proper meal before i srart work and i take bananas with me and sometimes if i feel very tired i eat a small bar of chocolate to give me the energy to continue.and also in time i stoped being so nervous when i have a new client because now i feel more propobly the samee thing will happen to you!Be cool:)
I do this to myself a lot.

I work back to back with no lunch or tea for 10/11 hours solid.

I have learnt to keep some juice and a little snack somewhere close by so that I can eat.

I'll ensure I have a banana in future, in recent times I've had malt loaf as it's quick and easy to eat between a client.
As you can see you are not the only one! I used to get them often and i just laughed it off and said too much caffeine! Then i would relax because i knew the client didn't think it was because of nerves anymore, and the shakes would go. Some times even when i wasn't nervous i would get them, but just done the same thing. As long as the job is good that is all that matters :)

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