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Mar 23, 2010
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I've been doing shellac for almost 2 months now. I have attended the CND course and this is the line I take when doing Shellac:

1. file nail
2. cuticle away
3. Wash nail plate with soapy water
4. Scrubfresh
5. base coat (10 secs)
6. Colour coat (thin and 120 secs)
7. Same as last time
8. Top coat (120 secs)

I have had some issues with 3 clients nails lifting. Yet I have a client who is a florist who absolutely butchers her nails to bits and they stay on brilliantly!

One is a picker and a biter, - nails are fairly soft.
One is on medication for cancer. Nails are thick and crumbly (toes)
One spends a lot of time cleaning but says she uses gloves - the first time i shellac'd her, after 3 weeks she had one lift and then peeled the entire set off.) - nails have a tendency to split and peel. I re-shellac'd her after she'd peeled the first set off and she's had two lift in just over a week. I'm going back to re-do them today.

This is getting me down a bit. Am I doing something wrong? My top coat is quite gloopy and I have to apply a thicker layer of it than I would the colour otherwise it doesn't coat the nail properly - it goes sort of blotchy. Could this be an issue or is it always like that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I'm starting to loose heart.
Forgot to say, I Dsperse after topcoat. and I cap the free edge with all 4 coats.
Sounds like you are doing everything correctly. Try a dry PEP on your 'trouble' clients and see if that makes a difference.

One thing to remember; not all products work on all clients. My BFF cannot keep anything on her nails.

HTH and best of luck! :)
Hi :)

Personally, I never liked Shellac. I know lots of people that have had problem with it chipping and lifting.

I love Gelish. It seems to stay on really well.
I wouldn't worry too much, sounds like your doing everything perfectly, the woman that tends to have nails that peel, if there is slight peeling at the free edge before you apply the shellac, explain that these nails will come off first as the shellac will be more likely to peel here. I've also had clients with very soft nails that you need to let them know shellac may not last as long on them as the nail is so weak that it is more likely to lift from the free edge. Hope that's reassured a bit :) oh and do you use the cnd lamp for curing? Or another brand? Xx
I use a brand new CND lamp x

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