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May 7, 2012
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Hi, I am going to finish level 2 NVQ in Beauty soon and will start level 3 in September. Meantime I would like to do short courses, nails are something I am interested in. I was looking at them yesterday but prices are really high. I would like to know how do you cope with financial side of this business? Do you save money to do these courses or do you have any financial support?
i've just put it on credit card i think its a bit irrisponsable but its catch 22 i'm hoping to go mobile, so needed to do the courses and buy stock, was going to wait until i started getting calls but then if you get one and got no stock or cant do the treatments they require then back to square one ,no clients! luckily i've just got a part time job in salon so hoping i can pay it back sooner.
I did the same as I took the credit card to pay for the level 2 in beauty. I still pay it off but want to go mobile when I finish. I have to pay for the level 3 as well.
I've took a second job to save for it :) Although I'm too impatient and want it NOW! lol
I would love to have a possibility to take second job but I have two children. Maybe I should start doing mobile with what I have learnt in the college and put money aside fo further training. So scared to open my own business, it's a big decision.

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