Should I train in Hairdressing?


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foxy vixen

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Oct 1, 2008
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Hi im on here all the time but never really post anything but would like some advice please. I am a full qualified beauty therapist and have had my own hair and beauty salon for over four years now. I love what I do and its all going well but im interested in doing a hairdressing course so I can expand on what I offer. I currently have a self employed stylist and she is great but I also have an empty station that is going to waste. I was talked out of doing hairdressing when I was younger by a guidence teacher at school but have always wanted to do it. I dont know if it would be worth doing a course now as I dont know if a beauty therapist also doing hair would have the same credibility as a stand alone stylist. I wouldnt want to take clients away from my exisiting stylist and after trying to rent out the position over and over I never seem to get the right type of person. Sorry to ramble on but im almost 27 and dont want to wait untill I have family to start training again from scratch if I do decide to retrain. Any advice?

Vicky x
I am not gonna stamp on your dream by saying "don't do it". However it is a complete trade and not an easy one to master. I too am a salon owner and wouldn't dream of taking the time out from my salons to go and learn another trade.

As for credibility, I don't really know. A salon owner I used to work for years ago was a qualified hairdresser but worked as a therapist(we used to do a 3 year combined hair /beauty in those days). She did the odd bit of hair, but refused point blank to do any when I was present as she felt awkward and cack handed compared to me. In turn, I have not really done any beauty since I left college.

My bit of caution is that it takes in my experience, around 10 years to become a truly established and accomplished hairdresser with a good clientele. Some really talented stars acheive it a bit quicker, some never get there at all.

If you look for salon trained hairdressers around age 25-30 for your salon you will not go far wrong.
Hi Persianista thanks for your reply. I have bitten the bullet and applied to my local college for SVQ Level 2 Hairdressing on a part time basis. It will take two years. I will find out if I can realistically put enough time and effort in to the course before I commit because I dont want to go in to it half heartedly or compromise the beauty side of things. I had a look at the Saks fast track course and was accepted but I wasnt convinced one day a week for a year would be enough for me to be completely confident in what I would be doing even though it would be the quickest and least time consuming option.

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