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Jun 20, 2010
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south ockendon
Hi Im just starting spray tanning at home, Im thinking of going with the sienna x spraytan but was wondering how much do people charge for this???
Also can you buy fake bake spray tan from anywhere but them?? cos its really hard to get registered with them??
Thank you

I charge £20 for a sienna tan cannot help with the fake bake qustion i am afriad
I use Fake Bake and as far as I am aware you have to go through Fake Bake themselves. Its not that hard to get an account really. I filled in the form and enclosed one of my business cards. On the bit where is asks you to enclose headed paper etc I just wrote on that I was mobile and didnt have any other proof and they called me up and said that they had opened an account for me. I must warn you however that their customer service leaves a lot to be desired but what can you do when your customers like the product!
I use siennaX and I charge £20 for a spray tan but students get a discount, its £15 for them

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