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Mar 30, 2003
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Can anybody help me master Ruby Slippers? I did my first set a couple of days ago on a colleague and found it much more difficult than I thought I would! My main areas of concern were getting the red on thin enough to leave enough room for clear powder. I seemed to end up with a noticible difference between applying the clear and pink powder and also ended up with little bits of red in zones 2 and 3. I have thought of a couple of things which might have helped - what do you think. Should I have used separate dappen dishes for the monomer for the red and separate one for clear and pink? Should you use a separate brush for colour work? At the end of the day they looked pretty good, but I know they could have been a lot better and wondered if anyone had any suggestions before I attempt my next set tommorrow? Also, is it just me or do the clear tips take a bit longer to blend in than normal velocity tips? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers everyone, Claire
hiya claire :D
you've answered most of your questions in your post!
yes to;
2 x dappen dishes
2 x brushes(not completely nec. but if you're a perfectionist , like me, & it sounds like u r, those stray bits of glitter really bug me :x )
as for the tips.... my personal opinion is to sculpt.
if u tip, u have the thickness of the tip to contend with & the red & the clear...
the problem being in zone 1, which u obviously want to taper nice & thin...
hence loseing the colour.
if u sculpt the red straight onto a form, u have more room to apply a decent layer of red, then clear.
if tipping is the only option, then use a compitition trick & thin the tip down b4 application.

don't make the mix of the red too wet, it will b difficult to control, even more so than white.
also, don't do red, pink ... red, pink... on each nail . do 5 reds then go back & do the 5 pinks & last of all thin coat of clear on top.
this will cause less glitter to "move about"!

ps well done on pink's nails. i've often noticed her nails in her videos & i've longed to b able to do her nails, ( & the sugar babes)

lol liza xx
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