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Jan 28, 2003
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Tunbridge Wells, Kent
I know this is going back quite some time but the Geek did an article on "Manicure Concepts". Towards the end he came up with the "recipe" for Solar Drench Manicure. It is wonderful.

Does/has anyone added it to their treatments they offer and, if so, how much do you charge? At the same time, how much do you charge for SpaManicure/Pedicure?

I know it can vary greatly from area to area, but I would be very interested to find out
:) Hi Nickie,

The prices of all three services can depend very much on your area and how much you are charging for your other main services.
However a general salon price I use to charge is as followed.

10 to 15 pounds for a Solar Drench Manicure .
15 to 20 pounds for a Spa manicure.
25 to 30 pounds for a Spa Pedicure.

Many of the salons that have trained with us at Designer Nails also base thier service menue around these guidlines.

Hope this helps :D

Would be very interested to know as well Nicki...

The original post is here:

I want to offer the Solar Manicure as a service, but I need to know the steps you take to perform it, and the products required?

Also what are the differences between the Solar Manicure and the Solar Drench Manicure?
beautifulnails03 said:
I want to offer the Solar Manicure as a service, but I need to know the steps you take to perform it, and the products required?

The link in my previous post takes you to an outline for the timings, products, and proceedures.

Also what are the differences between the Solar Manicure and the Solar Drench Manicure?

SolarManicure is a product, SolarDrench Manicure is a service

Hope this helps :)
Solar Manicure/Butter should come with a health warning: "Seriously Addictive"! Its terrible...I keep stocking up on it to retail but I keep using it all myself.... :D I mean, it can't be right if my heart sinks every time someone says "oh...and I take one of your Solar Manicures please":(

What am I to do Mr Geek...any useful tips?!!!![/b]
Okay, so I went to the link and I printed it out. But I now have more questions for the Solar Drench Manicure. :oops:

1) Where do you apply the Solar Balm to? Just to the cuticle area or all over the hands? :?

2) When you say Wash Hands with Solar Manicure then do you mean apply it to the hands and then rinse it off after you have massaged it in? :?

3) Do I massage just the hand with the Solar Butter, or the hand and arm like with the Spa Manicure? :?

I am really sorry if these are dumb questions but I want to get it right so that I am offering the best service. :oops:
well rarely anyway :shock:

1. Solar Balm is like a 'thickened' Solar Oil - can be applied to cuticles, dry knuckles etc - where ever needed most :)
2. Yes - you apply Solar Manicure - massage into hands, wrists, between fingers etc - the client then rinses the 'sea rock salt' off the skin, comes back to you where you 'pat dry' her hands and massage the residue Solar Oil that is left on the skin into hands, fingers , wrists etc.
3. Choices BN03 - you need to decide how 'luxurious' this Solar Drench Mani is going to be - you can take Solar Butter and 'drench' :oops: her in it if you think that would be cool... although Geek has an outline on here - this IS an outline - try out on girlfriends or decide what you would find gorgeous - then tailor the service to suit you.

Hope this has helped; I don't want you to think that if you don't do XYZ you are doing something wrong - use Sam's as a guide and tailor it to a BN03 SPECIAL!!! ;)
That has helped a lot apart from one part, What do you mean by 'Drench'?

(What were you saying about there being no stupid questions! :oops: )

I like the sound of a BN03 special though!
beautifulnails03 said:
What do you mean by 'Drench'?

Literally chuck it all over your clients - :shock: :rolleyes: (I'm kidding) - I was using the term loosly as in 'drench her in Solar Butter' - of course you wouldn't literally do this.... I hope :rolleyes:
:rofl: :rofl:

That is what I thought it meant, but I didn't want to just assume in case it was some secret Nail technician code that meant something completley different! :oops: :oops:

That has been a great help Thank You.

The reason I have asked so many questions is that I have a really nice older Lady coming in on Saturday before she goes on her Holiday and she wants this service. She said that she is hoping to become a regular client of mine when she gets back so I want to make sure I do everything right! :D

Thank You.

... wrap the client's hands in a hot towel after applying the Solar Manicure? I do that instead of sending them to the bathroom to wash their hands (I do mean WATERLESS!! :D ) and it actually "melts" most of the crystals away. And also you have a lot of Ohhhh.... Ahhhh..... that's nice.... You feel like a star!!! 8)

Just my 2 pence...
Hot towels are a 'gorg' way to make a treatment from norm to luxury - hope this helps!! :p There was a post regarding the 'warming' of towels - use of crock pots etc - we do it at shows and it works brilliantly there, apparently it works great in a solon too! :thumbsup: thanks for your feed back!
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