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Apr 26, 2012
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Any ideads how i can get the message across to my clients that they must use solar oil. Tried my hardest but clients still arn't getting the message??
Thanks x:biggrin:
Solar oil

A blend of 4 ingredients:
Jojoba oil, deeply penetrates (even through nail enhancements) right through the natural nail plate - pulls the other ingredients with it.
Sweet almond oil, a truly fantastic conditioning oil
Rice bran oil, brilliant moisturising qualitys
Vitamin E, seeks out and fights free radicals (which break down skin/nail cells)

Basically (in a nut shell) it's one of the most powerful anti aging oils you can get your hands on. Not just for natural nails, but also skin.

Water absorbs quickly, but dehydrates when it evaporates just as quickly. Solar oil will form a barrier in the surface, allowing the body to moisturise from the inside out, without evaporation occuring.

Nail enhancments, Solar oil will fill all the micro channels, stopping water from getting in then evaporating out (which causes brittleness) In effect it will keep your enhancements supple and strong, they will last longer and look better...

Would you like to grab a bottle while your here??
Can you not use yourself as an example?

Use Solar Oil on one hand and not the other? then show them the difference or take pics and make a poster or put it on an aftercare leaflet?
Wow both really good ideas, i think i will try both. Just gotta try memerise the sales pitch lol. Thanks a bunch :)

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