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Mar 2, 2004
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Leeds, West Yorks
Does anyone know how long enamel takes to dry when using Solar Speed? I'm on my way down to the OSNS and don't know whether to try or not.
Can anyone recommend SS?
sorry havent tried it creative products are great though try the search button at the top xx
I use it quite a bit with my clients and we all love it......

I have a little timer on my desk, wait for 1 minute after finishing varnishing, spray, then set my timer for 4 minutes. Whilst they're drying I fill in their record card and discuss any retail sales I suggest or recommendations and by the time we've finished the 4 minutes are up and they're done :D

I always get them to check they are not still sticky by gently touching their thumbnails together, if they stick, then we chat some more, if they glide smoothly then they're done and off they go :D

And, as part of the Solar range, it smells yummy :o
is it best to wait one minute after applying enamel or can it be used straight away? got my first bottle a couple of days ago and have to say I love it! The spray is very accurate too so doesn't give the client a bath in the stuff like others lol (actually i dont think i would mind a bath in the stuff it smells so great! :lol:) thanks in advance :)
Tried it 4 the 1st time yesturday, i must admit it is GR8 n the clients i have used it on 2day love it!! it smells yummy in my tummy!!!!!!!! LOL! :biggrin:
That's good enough for me then!!!... SOLD!
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