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Apr 27, 2004
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hi im thinking of buying there stock from st tropez the start up kit is £350 is it the most popular tanning???
is there other creams out there which are popular ???
hi know fake bake are meant to be good
You gals are brave I could not do a hands on tanning option :o

I am justing getting over my shyness practising spray tan ;)
where can i get fake bake have they a site????a hands on tan is such a nice treatment wat with half hour exfoliating you skin feels fab afterwards
i am sure there was something about them in this months scratch magazine, there may be a website , if i find out i will let u know
hi got the website on to one of the reps now to see wat the start up package is thanxs dee
hi has anyone done the course with st tropez and brought the whole package????

or do u just offer it anyway???
St Tropez is so easy to do, It would take a lot to make me try another. Besides, popularity-wise it's the one most people have heard of so it may be the one that is requested the most.
I agree, St. Tropez has become to fake tan what Hoover is to vacuum cleaning! We have the Airport 1 from St Tropez and we love it. Clients come in and asked to be St Tropezed rather than spray tan. We also use the rub on, don;t forget, a good fake tan will work with your skin tones.

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