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Aug 15, 2007
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Hello all
I'm just about to start my training for body massage and then other holistic therapies after that. By the start of next year I want to be up and running and will hopefully be using a converted room at my house to carry out the treatments. Having never run my own business and have never worked in the beauty business (although years ago I was a successful salesperson for Jafra cosmetics!) I would appreciate all the advice you could give me. A step by step guide of what I need to do would be brilliant. I don't know much about room requirements, insurance, products, equipment, advertising or anything else at the moment so please, if you can help that would be fab! The advice might be helpful to others as a one stop shop reply with includes all of the above rather than having to go through page after page of the forum to find answers to the odd question. Many thanks geeks! xx :lol:
Hi, I have a log cabin that is my salon. ...

You need to check with your mortgage provider and your home insurance to make sure they will allow you as some have restrictions on running a business from home. You will need to speak to your council about possible planning permission and H&S issues. It is a good idea to have hot and cold water /hand washing facilities available in or close to your room, it is much more convienient and depending on the treatments you are offering it can be a requirement of the H&S.

Its a good idea to check with ther neigbours too, just incase they will have a prob with clients parking outside your house etc.

You will need public liability insurance.:)

Advertising is difficult working from home as you dont have a shop on a busy road. Recommendations are prob the most new business you will get, I have an ad in the yellow pages, and that has worked well for me, also look at having a website.

If I think of anything else I will let you know!:hug:
Thanks Sharron, that is very helpful and a good start for me. Your log cabin sounds amazing! :lol:
I've worked from home for years and open my first salon in a months time. You definately need to google search Businesslink. If you manage to get their phone number contact them and they'll send you a book on starting your own business and you'll get access to your own mentor who will help you every step of the way. I empathise with you because its all so confusing!
The Businesslink website is very informative but there are so many links you get confused. Its much easier to read in book format!
Good luck in your venture
ps sorry I can't send you the link - I am completely rubbish on computers!:)

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