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Mar 20, 2014
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Aberdeen, Scotland
Hi guys looking for some guidance on how some people started up their businesses.
I'm thinking in the new year to start a hair extension mobile business but how did you go about funding etc?
I'm working full time at the moment but if it took off I would do it full time :)
Any help is appreciated!
You don't really need any funding to find a hair extension business, clients deposits cover the cost of the hair then you go and fit it, I think a hair extension business is one of the hardest to crack, some people have done a seriously amazing job and make an excellent living from it, really look hard at those people and learn from what they've done to get such a good business, there are a million topics on here on "how to get more clients" and "how to market extensions" they can all be found in the search function, I would do it as an evening job around your current job untill it takes off for you :)
The start up costs would mainly be for training and the likes of advertising and I would like to make up aftercare packs etc
I know that once I'm trained that the deposits cover the hair cost etc :) I'm a fully trained hairdresser just not in extentions :)
It's definatley a good qualification to get under your belt & being a hairdresser anyway is great because you can feel the water for the size of the client base you can expect to have when you've done the training :)

I'm the sort of person who starts off small and goes bigger over time so I personally would buy 1 aftercare set and sell that to client number 1 then buy another with the money from it and so on untill you start making profit, there really is no point investing £1000's into retail if you have no clients.

I wasn't always like that mind! Before I opened up my salon I considered getting loans etc to fund retail but it diddnt happen and I had to save hard & wait patiently... Looking back I'm glad I did & now I see how lucky I am to not be in debt! I've also only once paid for advertising and it's not brought me a single client as far as I'm aware, Facebook, Twitter a website & good old word of mouth have been far more valuable
That's really helpful.
Nice to have someone else's input and see other options :)
My offical business has been up and running for 6 days. I paid to advertise on Facebook 1 dollar a day and had a consultation booked in from that for Friday. Also already done a consultation from friends sharing my page on fb. Paid a small amount to advertise on Gumtree and have a possible consultation from that. Until deposits roll in though I know it will take time. Get as much exposure from selling sites and stuff too. I've invested in a cheap website and domain plus a logo from verve design which are very good value. I want to look professional so probably spent abit more. Total spent on training and kit and advertising plus 4x colour rings etc I've spent about 500. Hope this helps. Your a hair dresser though so should hopefully get clients from your existing ones too
What about suppliers?

i have read through the post that is on Salon Geek, but it's so long and so many people saying one brand is good, and next person saying they're awful!

i have had a look at Additional Lengths, Studio 58, Beauty Works, Hair Xtentions, Hair Planet, and Fabulong Hair.

Bearing in mind most people in my Area tend to be £160 - £180 for a full head! obviously want to be competitve but also want good hair!
Suppliers I have chosen hair I've had in myself over the years. Prestige for the price I'm impressed with. Great colour ring. Hair lasts about 6months. Sjk I found poor quality for standard but the luxury is good for wefts. Transform do nice mongolian for those willing to pay a bit more. I've also got a colour ring for hair planet but not tried the quality
Hello! i done my hair extention course yesterday and i am now looking into the suppliers, just need to wait for my certificate now to get discounts at anywhere other than Glamourous lengths, any feedback on them?
Hello! i done my hair extention course yesterday and i am now looking into the suppliers, just need to wait for my certificate now to get discounts at anywhere other than Glamourous lengths, any feedback on them?

A star hair extensions are brilliant with there Indian and Russian double drawn wefts for a great price too I wouldn't use any other supplier now. Click the link and look for your self -
Hi guys I’m so new to this. I’ve recently completed a hair extension course covering 3 methods, I know am stuck as I don’t know how to excel in this.... how do I get the customers in? Plus what forms do I need? Consultation forms? Medical forms? Euughh!!! Help
hi rebecca,
i must admit, it hasn't really taken off for me, it did for a little then i had a death in the family and gave up.
starting again now as my full time job isn't so secure and would love to do extentions full time.

i'm currently getting new branding done (i got it done on Fiverr, really cheap and helping individuals with their business) i've been using routes but looking at other avenues for suppliers. although routes excel in prices and customer service.

i am offering a deal to friends to fit for free on the basis that they don't mind their pictures being posted on facebook.

i'm starting to do some other methods in my area as a few people dominate the area but noone offers the methods i do :)

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