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Apr 27, 2012
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Hi guys,

I have just completed an NVQ2 in Hairdressing at college, it was a fast track mature course so I only have a small amount of experience. I am very aware that just because I've done the NVQ2 I am no where near "qualified" to a degree that I could run my own business!

Now I have finished I am really struggling to find work, I am 22 and am constantly being told I am too old for an apprenticeship and can not find any paid work in a salon which is why I started the college course in the first place. I currently volunteer in a Barbers one night a week which is fantastic experience, but unfortunately finishing college is coinciding with moving out which means money is big problem for me at the moment. I am more than willing to volunteer in a salon for a day a week but need to work full time the rest of the week to pay the bills...this also means I can't stay at college to complete the NVQ3 which a lot of salons have asked for when I have enquired about work.

So now you know my life story I'l get on with the questions (sorry for banging on!!) I have been advertising on facebook to my friends for evening appointments and have had a good response. I know all of the people whose hair I am cutting and havent done any colours I need insurance? I know you do as a mobile hairdresser but I am only doing a couple of clients a week? Do I need to declare myself as self employed or anything? I dont consider myself self employed because I definately dont have enough clients to sustain a business at the moment?? Also I was wondering what you think would be the best option for me to progress and do you have any tips on gaining a voluntary/paid possition for a 22 year old just starting out?

Thanks for your help :biggrin:
Hi Dee

Technically any money you earn from Hair should be declared, have you approached any local hair salons that you could volunteer your services too? If they see what you can do they may offer you a Fri or a Sat xx
If you're earning money then you need to declare yourself as self-employed. I would recommend getting insurance even though you're only doing friend's hair just now - never assume someone won't sue you!

Check out HMRC for the ins and outs of tax, self-employment etc.
You do need to declare but you are probably entitled to some kind of help if you are on low income. Is it worth seeing if you can get any funding for level 3? I qualified in my late 20s so I understand the problems you are having.x
Thank you for the replies :) I will check out the HMRC website about self employment and get insurance sorted. I have looked into funding for level 3 but there are lots of applications and not much funding available so I am still unsure if i will get help...I'l just have to wait and see! I have been around all of the local salons to see about volunteering but all have said they do not currently have the space. I'm just going to keep looking and stay in contact with the salons...fingers crossed I'l find something soon!

Thanks for your help :) x
Go down to your local job centre! It's not just there for people signing on you know! They can help you with self employment etc they would also be able to advise you on what to do with training etc they may even have info on a scheme for people wanting to enter a traid! Good luck xxxx
Hi your not to old to do an appentership but you will not get paid alot. Try and get a job in a salon as a junior stylist and do training in the salon to do your level 3. xx

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