Survey Monkey - anyone used it?


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Jun 3, 2012
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new mills
I am planning on opening a business in 6 months and was planning on asking potential customers to fill I'm a questionnaire and in return as a thank you enter everyone into a prize draw to win a massage.

I was wondering if anyone has used it for market research? If so can you trace who has filled in the questionnaires? Just I need to see who has filled it in for the prize draw.
Yes ive used it lots in the past before, it does the job the results are normally accessible for about 30 days after survey closes i think
I use survey monkey in my work a lot and once clients have filled it in you can go to analyse results and then download then as a spreadsheet x
Thank you for your responses ladies :) were you able to find out who filled in the questionnaires? Or was it just the actual data you were able to see? X

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