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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hi, I was thinking last night, yes I know a scary thought, and yes my brain was ticking loudly, lol, anyway was thinking about holidays and what everyone does.

I am not about to take a holiday and have no money or reason to do so yet but just wondered what the procedure would be, for example if you have regular clients that come monday to friday and obviously for two weeks, then if you were going on a two week holiday then that would mean that some of your clients may have to wait up to 4 weeks before being able to have a infil or what ever. So what would one do? No I am not this busy and can not see it happening that soon if at all, but just wanted to know in case a small miricle arrived and I obtained thousands of clients by next week, :) well you never know, lol. I would have loads of wages and could not spend it on a holiday then could I because I would have so many people booking in.

I know a total dreamer i am but still I would like to know what others do in this situation, I work from home so it is not like I can get anyone else to do them for me. Oh well just a thought I had, I have many crazy thoughts this is just one I fancy an answer to, please anyone. lol

Grace x
Hi Grace

I also work from home and have a client base of about 15 regular clients. Last year when I went on my main holiday in August it was a bit tricky as we were away for nearly 3 weeks. I just made sure that I worked flat out on the 2/3 days before we went, which was pretty hard. What I agreed with all my clients was that they all had plenty of notice of when I was going away and we made sure that most of them came for infills just before I went away. This meant altering timescales for fills e.g we may have dragged it to 3 weeks or less at 1.5 weeks to make sure I saw most of them before I went away.

All this talk of holidays had made me want to go away somewhere hot and relax on a beach!!! :biggrin: (It is black as night here and hale stoning!!!).

Hope this helps.


I too work from home and I have about 30 - 35 regular clients. I am due to go on holiday on the 9th of May and so everyone is busy juggling their appointments!!! It is hard but we need holidays too. The most annoying thing is that clients don't think we need a holiday and that we're just here to do their nails!!! WRONG!

I tend to do the same thing - juggle appointments so that I get to see everyone before I go. As I'm only going for 1 week I should be fairly quiet when I get back. NEVER send them to another technician. They are your clients. Only let them go if it's their choice!
Hi Grace,

Last year I went away for 2 weeks. I advised all my clients before hand and had a really busy week before and after. It just meant that some clients went 3 weeks before their rebalance. It worked out okay, but you are constantly thinking about the fact that you aren't getting holiday pay! :biggrin:

This Year I won't be going away as I would have to close my Salon for 2 weeks. Also, Bank Holidays have so far been busy, so I don't think i will get them off either. But we will see.

There is a Bank Holiday coming up at the end of August so I am going to take that weekend and go to a festival or something. And that will be my one main thing this year.

You just have to switch the T.V over when the holiday adverts come on, and switch off when your customers come back tanned bragging about where they have been and how hot it was! :biggrin: :biggrin:

Also, I am going to try and get myself somewhere nice like Bolton Abbey every Sunday in the Summer. That way, I have nice days out and I feel like I have been somewhere! :)

Just think, no holiday now maybe. But when we are running a thriving business we can leave it in the capable hands of our staff and go somewhere exotic! (That'll be the day! :rolleyes: )
hey thanks for the replies, if i ever do get to go on holiday then i will try and do as you guys have done and work my socks of before hand and make sure all my clients can cope whilst I am away.

Do not really need to worry that much about it just yet as I have very few clients and even less money so can not see a holiday becoming a problem as yet. Maybe one day i would be able to employ staff who knows, wouldn't it be nice though, hey everyone needs dreams, this will be my dream.

Thanks again
Grace x
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