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Jun 14, 2006
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Hi All

Just wanted your opinions really, I have called my hairdresser and booked myself in for Sat to have my extensions taken out and only want them put back in the front so it looks like a 'pob' type style, how can i tell her that i want the bonds smaller? She does them too big and people can see them!I feel really bad about asking her but I have paid such alot of money on my hair! She is racoon trained, i dont want her to think im telling her how to do her job!

sar xx
My friend had raccoon hair extentions in for a long time, (so i know how expensive they are) but one thing that she loved is that noone could tell they were extentions and u certainly couldnt see the bonds,

i would just ask her nicley if there was anyway she could do them smaller because u are only havin them at the front u dont want them visable, i am sure she will understand,

good luck hun. :hug:
Honestly, Most of us hairmessers don't take offense to your suggestions. :D

The way I look at it is only you know how it worked for you. I wasn't there everyday with you ...

Just ask her hun. Say something like: Oh I love the extensions. Would it be possible to put them in a wee bit smaller so they aren't as visable?

We don't know what is going on unless the client says something.

And personally, the first words out of her mouth should be " So how did the extensions work out for you? any problems?"
There is your opening.:) Good luck with it. I promise she won't bite you.;)
as a professional i would prefer my clients to be honest and happy she would of been trained to do what you ask i would just cut my bonds smaller so my client would be happy after all you are a walking ad for her and word of mouth is best ad so iv heard just tell her see wot she says

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