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Oct 4, 2014
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Has anyone got pictures of their tan room set ups? I've got a room I'm going to use for tanning and just wanting a few ideas [emoji4]
Im wondering the same and did a search before asking and this was the only thead I could find.
I was hoping to see any photo s of others tanning set up's ??
I've never managed to get any decent photos of my spray tan room because of the dimensions. (4' x8'). It's a purpose built room that we put in when we converted our double garage into a beauty salon last year. We decided to keep it to the bare minimum size as that's all it's used for. Having used a pop up spray tan tent for years, I was fed up of cleaning it and putting it up and down so we decided to put a shower enclosure in with tiled surrounds and no shower door so my clients stand in the shower tray whilst I spray them (it's a bit wider than a spray tan tent). It's so easy to just rinse the overspray off afterwards. I've got a heater and a standard bathroom extractor on the wall and also a small window up high (nobody could look in from outside) that I open after each spray to get rid of any fumes. The only other things in there apart from the spray tan machine is a bin, wipes and couch roll. I keep everything else in my treatment room so it doesn't get stained with tan (it stays in the atmosphere for quite a while). My clients change in the treatment room and that's also where they put their sticky feet, hair caps and barrier cream on. I wait in my nail room next door until they're ready.

If your thinking of doing spray tanning in the same room as you do other treatments, bare in mind the overspray does end up settling on shelves and soft furnishings no matter how careful you are. If you are able to dedicate an area specifically for tanning and nothing else I would definitely recommend it.

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