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Nikki Martin

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Oct 12, 2015
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I am attending a Tanning course this weekend and have been trawling through salon geek posts about equipment. Some of the threads were quite old so would like to check the info if that's ok?:confused:

Which spray machine would be best for someone that is doing occasional spray tanning (odd parties for say 3-5)?

Do all machines take all types of Tanning products from different suppliers?

Lastly, is it best practice to have an extractor fan? for mobiles and in a small beauty room at home?

Sorry to repeat an old question :(

DEFINITELY have an extractor fan, especially if you are doing it in a clients house, they aren't going to want a mist lingering in their front room.

In regards to equipment, it depends on which brand you are going to use.

Which course are you doing?

H x

I am doing an ABT accredited training in a salon local to me. My beauty room at home does not have the best ventilation so I think either way the extractor is a must.

I am looking to get my basic training and then top up with branded mor expensive courses as times goes on. Maybe i should look at the branded course in the first instance from now on, but it is a minefield to choose from.

Thanks for your reply xxx
For Spray Tanning you just need to figure out which brand you want to do and do their training. It will be a one day course and that should be it. You shouldn't need to do any more courses :)

H x

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