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Oct 10, 2012
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Good evening geeks was wondering if anyone could help me out here my knowledge of extensions is very small been trying to research tape in hair as I have send the girl that works with me on a course which was a one day intensive course.this was great as we all know after the knowledge it's practice that you need,but I would like to know what what so I can promote for her to
She trained with studio 58
Looking to find different tape brands
Can you tape a weft
And any other kind of feed back would be great
You can tape full wefts or you can by pre-taped hair. You can tape full wefts in a net section onto the scalp. Or you can use pre-taped hair where you sandwich the clients hair between 2 tapes. I tend to wash all my client hair in a clarifying shampoo first and no conditioner if i am taping extensions in as they tend to stick better. :) x
You can by the tape for full wefts and pre-taped Indian Remy hair from 1stophair.com or balmain also do pre-taped hair. :) x
Why not use studio 58 tape hair?
Thanks god your help everyone really helps
Studio 58 only 18"
Can I ask which one you prefer pre taped or weave
Please PM me for details of Virgin Indian Remy and Russian hair Pre-taped extensions in the UK, and training. Thanks

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