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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee kha

I see that nail art and make nail many in japan i see magazine japan and some them nail art i think number 1 in world for sure .

Can lady tell me is nail same in Taiwan and in vietnam i know have many nail salon in singapore but product and for learn some thing expensive .

Vietnam and tawain not far from Thailand if have nail salon i go look every thing .

Kop khun kha mui
that the highest quality of nail art is being created in Japan and the work is very original and often daring.
Korea is producing very good nail art but on a much smaller scale than is happening in Japan. Korea is more oriented towards mass production of nail art created for the pre-designed international tip market.
Nail techs and hair stylists are concentrated in a specific market section of Singapore and the best of the individuals do excellent nail art however you will not see the variaty nor the complex level of orginail skill that is so widespread in Japan.
Vietnam ( sorry, my own people ) are cheap, inferior imitators of nail art ... the original nail art in Vietnam is almost all of amatuer level skill.
My people have other skills that are of a higher level, lacquar ware among them, and see my own understated dress design in the photo.
Japan and Singapore, and truth be told the nail art in Japan is the most original, the most artistic, the most expensive, the most widely available,,,, it is like a 21st century extension of the Japanese traditional brush arts,,, just fantastic.

Sawasdee kha

kop khun kha for message me can you tell me please in Tawain and vietnam do they bring product from america and england to use in salon or do they have own good product .

In singapore is very expensive for product some things as expensive as 10 time more what them sell same in america .

I think you know about japan nail art but i think some japan nail art is number 1 but some very ugly .

Kop khun kha mui
In the USA, we have importers who will contract with factory outlets in Korea and Tawain and Red China and import low priced nail items for a low price. The quality is ok for what you pay for it and the package can have your own brand name on it. It DOES REQUIRE that you BUY A LOT to get your own name on the stuff. I buy a lot of very very good stuff from a Chinese guy in San Diago CA would imports his own brand line from Red China.
American manufactured products. First speaking of arcylics and powder brands. Very much mostly distributed overseas via using official distributorship agreements --- why is that instead of lots of re-sellers competing ( and making the prices lower overseas hey hey ) is that there is officail paperwork and a known postiion to be revealed to ship these chemicals throught the international cargo transportation systems. For example, you are not actually legal to just mail a bottle of nail polish overseas on your own in normal mail ----- that bottle of nail polish is actually a dangerous chemical in catagory ORM-AIR - HAZARDOUS.
ORM-AIR for air transportation and ORM-D for ground transportation and the US is really a bad place to get in trouble wrongly shipping these and the much more dangerous acrylic product since the 9/11 Twin Towers. In my country are agencies are very much still extremely serious about the potential for danger.
So, American and/or British nail manufactured products are almost always much more expensive purchased overseas even if tariffs and import taxes are excluded in the calculations.
In my own nail supply business, the majority of my market and my customers are the general public. I do in particular have 2 countries that many of my orders are coming from nail techs - because the products are just now generally available in those countries or the prices are outlandish --- those countries are in fact the UK and Singapore.
The nail supply business requires just as much study for success as does the nail tech end of the business and as an example of how complex things are. Say NIPPERS. Ordinary stainless steel cuticule nippers. We sell them in the USA in every drugstore (chemist) and Walmart ect ect. One popular brand name is Revoln?. They sell for say $ 15 USA that is about $ 23 in the UK. I can have my bank forward the payment to the source in a third world country and buy all I want of that nipper for $ 1.85 each USD and for little bit more have my own bubble package and my own brand name on the nipper package. Do you like the higher quality Antoine de Paris Nippers ? I can buy the small nipper only made by the guy who used to work in the Antoine factory who now has his own factory just across town only his price to me will only be 1/3 of the Antoine price.
Yes I think supplies can be complex. Is there a difference between a package of 50 fat buffer files made in the USA priced to sell to you at $ 70.00 USD and a package of 50 fat buffer files made in Malaysia priced to sell to you at $ 45.00 USD. Yes there is a difference. Is the difference in hte files worth the difference in the money. Maybe yes maybe no. ONE THING that successful nail techs need is a person in the supply business who Number one knows their stuff, and Number two is honest with them.
Good people in nail supply are about as common as good people in nail techs, hey, think of that.
Sawasdee kha

To send products from america if i spend 100 dollar shipping about 50 dollar import duty 30 percent and 7 vat .

So product cost double but is very much cheap then buy from dealer .

In malaysia after sit on bus 11 hour them sell cutical oil remover 16 oz cost america 4 dollar sell 36 dollar that i just tell you one thing .

In america 1440 rhinstone 23 dollar in malaysia 108 dollar .

I can tell many in Thailand and malaysia have every thing nail expensive because dealer make price too much .

Kop khun kha mui
ollieninh said:
ONE THING that successful nail techs need is a person in the supply business who Number one knows their stuff, and Number two is honest with them. Good people in nail supply are about as common as good people in nail techs, hey, think of that.

Well I have read this long post and it is obvious you know your stuff stateside! We have been distributors for CND in the UK for hmmm let's see, full distributors since 1992 and subs from 1988 to 1992. We built our business on honesty and integrity and guess what :?: , Geeg was a nail tek to begin with - a great and respected one! (still is). We are still the only company in the UK that would not sell direct to teks (and still do not) and insisted on teks going through top education before they could buy products (imagine that... I guess if we had been greedy, we would have just sold to anyone). So in essence, we put restrictions on ourselves as a company to grow and maintain an industry standard that we set, because there simply wasn't one! We (as most companies importing from the US) have massive import taxes and massive custom taxes - we have not had to put our prices up in 3 years but if we did, it would be due to necessity, not because we were being greedy :rolleyes: I will bend over backwards if I can, to help someone and we make sure that our employees are the same... so even though we used to be little, and we are now a large company, we still haven't lost our original sights of being honest, kind, knowledgeable, helpful, insightful and inspiring...and hopefully down-to-earth. I would take your quote at the top and turn it around to say that number one, we are still and always have been honest and number two, we definitely do know our stuff!! I guess Creative Nail Design (USA) taught us well; who could fail when following in the footsteps of amazing and inspirational people like Jan Arnold, Jim Nordstrom and Rhonda Stockhaus!!! :!:

Just wanted to let you know, you're not the only one!!! ;)
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