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Dec 15, 2006
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Do any of you teach beauty therapy. I would love to but am not sure were to start . I have been qualified in level 3 beauty therapy for 11 years and would like a new challange.:)
Why not get intouch with your local college or adult education service and ask them what they require for you to teach beauty therapy. A good start for you would be to get onto a teaching certificate course at college.
Some places will employ you even if you havnt got it already but you need to be showing willing to go onto one of the teaching courses. Also if you want to teach to nvq level you need to hold a A1 assessors certificate which allow you to assess your students.

Hi! Although it can depend on which area you live in, you need to have had at least five years commercial experience to become a lecturer. The teaching qualifications are studied for whilst you are actually teaching, as you have to have a certain number of teaching hours for each course (the hours have just increased, it was 30 hrs for stage one, and 60 hours for stage two).

There is an introduction to teaching certificate you can take that does not require teaching hours, but teached you the basics of lesson planning, schemes of work, lesson objectives etc, as well as some of the theories to teaching.

If you are lucky, the college you teach for may pay for the teaching courses if you are working a fair few hours for them.If there are no positions available, you could offer to do some shadow teaching for a couple of hours a week (FOC), but at least you could get on to a teaching course.

The assessors award can also only be undertaken when you are teaching, but usually only entails a few meetings rather than a lesson every week, as the work is collated through the lessons you teach/are training as a trainee assessor.

If you have any more qu's feel free to pm me. you may want to start looking now thou, as teh stage one courses normally begin late sep./oct time.

Hths xx
hiya, im doing my assesor a1 award at the moment, i have my own salon so i havent been teaching before. after the course i will set up as a beauty school and hold my own courses. do a search for a1 assesor award. loads of places do it, but go for sumwer that does what you want to teach as its easier. also if you are self emplyed you might be entitled to the course for free!!!xxx
hi, cant tell you how to get into it but just wanted to say, plz stay up with the times and teach all the hints and quick tips youve learnt over the years....students learn the basic of basics at college and i was taught by an old lady, not knockin her but this industrie is quick moving, it took me a year of salon exp b4 i felt i was ready to really work on my own!! when you get to be a tutor stay modern and youre students will be the best....i hope to teach one day too...liz xxxx :hug:

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