Techs in the North West??


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Sara Satchell

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Apr 14, 2004
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Near Chester
I was thinking it would be nice to have some sort of "Up North" support group going for all those of us who are north of Birmingham! Mabe we too can have "Get together's" once in a while ...... Any takers??
hi i would gladly meet with ya but i am in leeds, and cant drive but if ya ever come up to leeds you can call in any time :lol:
Live near preston and would defo love 2 meet up wiv sum fellow geekets!!!!
i am leaving all my friends in hampshire to uproot to southport touch wood echange of contract next week..........
would love to meet up as i will be quite sad at leaving my mates down here
Hiya i,m up for that, Know a few more who will too :cool:
Hi all,

i'm now in Lancaster and would love to meet up with you all
We all need to get our heads together with a place, date and time....

A place central to us all would be good, maybe a night out in Chester for starters? Im going to Prof Beauty North, maybe a rendezvous there first?? Im taking a friend of mine, who unfortunatley hasn't discovered the wonders of "Geekdom" as she's not on the net yet! So if anyone has any ideas, let me know...
i wil be at pro beauty north aswell ,

I live just outside or preston and think it would be great to all meet up


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