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Aug 10, 2007
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I am pretty new to this site and I had to put up a post to thank you all for giving me the motivation to get interested in something again! I qualified in 2003 (I think) as a Nail Technician and apart from a couple of mates over the years (I stopped doing them when they kept 'forgetting' to bring their money!) I only really do my own.

But since finding this site I have found that my interest in doing other things has been stirred....not in a majestic way, nothing earth-shattering but it's a start! I have tried a bit of nail art, and with practice I think I'd be alright at the basic stuff and I've gone out and bought some coloured acrylic which I haven't tried yet but will be doing this week-end! But the ideas are starting to form in something that I wasn't overly interested in - I only got qualified to save myself the £30 every three weeks I was paying to have my own nails done!

But now.....There's a part time Beauty Therapy NVQ course starting nearby and I am seriously thinking of ringing them on Monday to see if they have any places - and whether I can afford it!

The idea of having even a 'facial' is something that you do to reward yourself - a treat that you woudn't normally do - and I suppose something that you SHOULD be doing a lot more frequently! This site has taught me that we don't look after ourselves enough! And that there is SOOO much more to know about our skin, hair, etc. :eek:

So despite all my waffle - what I really want to say is THANK YOU for bringing it to my attention that I am seriously lacking both in interests and knowledge! (That's a good thing by the way!) I am quite surprised at how interested I actually could be in something.... :lol:

Did any of that make any sense?? :rolleyes:
It made sense...certainly to me...
If it wasn't for this site I would still have a huge urge to become a nail therapist/technician ( never dead sure of the correct term ) but I would still be getting mightily frustrated at getting nowhere.
Through the wonderful Geeks on here I am actually booked in for my foundation course in 12 days time. :lol: I could go on...but for the sake of other peoples sanity I won't lol

One downside to finding this site's soooooooo addictive....really badly so....and when you get excited about opening your laptop and signing in to Salon see....what has been said about.... SPROUTS
then you know your life is more than's really

Enjoy your newfound interest in nails and beauty....hope you can do your course... xxxx

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