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Aug 11, 2010
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I am currently looking at doing a Diploma in Beauty Therapy full time and have been getting mixed reviews about the place and was wondering did any body do the course?Its located down the south east of Ireland.It also costs alot an have to make up my mind very soon.Here is the website if anyone experienced in this area could have a look and tell me if the diploma is good..
The Institute of Beauty - Where Excellence is Standard

Thank you :)
Sorry had posted a post but thought you were talking about irish academy of beauty, i havent heard of this one above so cant comment just have a good look around.

Good luck x
I have heard of this college because it is quite near to me. As far as i am aware it is a great college and have spoken to people who trained there. If you get your head down and work it is not going to make that much difference eitherway.
I did my training in Carlow in a public college and I found it great also. What would your reasons be for going private? Is it that the course is shorter?
Thanks BlondieBear. @kassy there is a 2 year course also in a collage near by
but in the long run the cost will add up th same.I wouldnt be entitled to a grand either so i prob would b paying the same..Yeah i like the idea of the smaller class size and its 1 year.Do you think the diplomas look good and well know in the beauty industry?
Thanks again
SJ x

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