The Making of Luke Nail Buffer


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Jan 9, 2003
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… a great nail technician was made.

What was it that made Luke Nail Buffer such a legendary name within the universe? Was it the unerring swish of his fathers Nail Brush? Was it his small, green Muppet like trainer? Or was it the endless nights of listening to his Anthony Robbins ‘Awaken the giant within’ self help audio tapes his uncle Owen bought him?

My travels through the galaxy have taken me far and wide. I have witnessed crappy nail technicians work hard to blossom into talented artisans while at the same time witnessed with the kind of sadness that can only be brought on by the destruction of Alderaan as highly skilled technicians decayed and wilted into weeds. So what is it that made the great and broke the wicked?

Desire truly great things

The vast majority of successful nail technicians desire to do something great, not for themselves, but for their clients, colleagues, and/or the industry. Whether that means creating the Mecca of all salons or doing something significant that positively impacts other nail technicians (like teaching), a desire for greatness is as essential as an ice cold beer after mowing the back yard.

Train carefully

Your choice in education is as vast as the quality of education. I personally don’t believe in bad education. That is not to say there is not enough poor education in our industry to make a Friar shout ‘Holy dirty socks’; I believe everything I can learn is of some value. Even if what is learned is actually incorrect... it can empower discovery as to why something is incorrect and why people believe that it is correct.

After all: You truly never learn to stick your tongue on a frosted flag pole until you have tried it at least once.

Continued education

The most unsuccessful (and industry damaging) nail technicians are the ones that have managed to go over a year and more without updating their skill set. The longer you go without updating your skills, the further you fall toward the bottom of the industry. No one can ever know so much that they can not benefit from going back to the classroom to hear new technologies and new information.

I used to attend classes once a week even though every month I was repeating the same class. Why? Because each time I went, I refined my level of understanding and learned something new. Make it your goal to attend at least 8 hours of continuing education a year.

Care for your clients nails

We are paid to enhance the beauty of our clients nails, not just replace them. Damage to your clients nails equate to damage to your reputation (and the industries reputation). Every attempt must be made to prevent nail plate damage by never etching or nipping the natural nail and eponychium or other folds.


Successful nail technicians retail extensively. Many nail technicians feel that they can’t sell to their customers as they do not consider themselves to be ‘salesmen’. Most don’t fancy themselves as salesmen, however most agree that it is our duty to ensure that clients have the products they need to maximise their enjoyment out of their services.

Whether it is a cuticle oil that will help to prevent cracking and breaking, or enamel removers that will not harm the application, it is your responsibility to ensure your client has the tools they need (and desire) to take care of their nails.

Successful nail technicians also realise that even a minimal amount of retailing will actually pay for all of the products you use, and raise your income dramatically.

Raise your prices

Perception of value. People naturally gauge the value of what a service is worth by the amount it costs to have the service done. Of course, this follows natural price guides for your area. If you charge below average, the more you instil a sense of doubt about the quality of your skills. Saying this, it is important to ensure that you do have the skills to back the charge. Also remember, if you are fully booked you will not be able to accommodate newer clients that would pay you more.

The only Force that can persuade you to the Light or Dark side is the Force you apply within. Great nail technicians are those that follow the path and are true to their heart. This is not something you can simply try to do. In the immortal words of the little green Muppet trainer, "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try".


I couldn’t have said it better my little puppet friend.


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