The Plex Wars and other tales of fiction


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Aug 11, 2011
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It seems that as we're heading towards Christmas and a new Bond movie due out, we have a few new geeks keen to develop their espionage credentials.

We already have plenty of Hair Extensionists pushing their own brands of extensions whilst pretending to be just another hard working hairdresser but now, we've cut across into a new genre, the scientific hogwash that is 'Plex Wars' coming to a cinema near you soon...

Whilst working undercover as Joe Bloggs/Jon Doe ordinary hairdresser chirpy chappy, in reality, they are really agents working for Spectre and other well known cosmetic companies. :eek:

Be aware fellow geeks! The truth is out there! :cool:

Our software detection systems know where you are really based and whose systems you are logging in from. It's only a matter of time before you'll be exposed by Fatman, Scissorwoman and their faithful Salon Junior, DirectDyeDude as the baddies that you are. :mad:

Give it up now. The Geek community is on to you. ;)
<3 we luffs you lol
Front row ticket please...I'll bring pop corn
I have been watching a lot of "the plex that loves me" along with "plex never dies":cool:

i reviewed it to be full of endless amounts of drivel intended for global domination.

Your mission should you wish to accept it... is to avoid mass amounts of copy and paste.... this message will self destruct in 10 secs...(actually due to the plex bonds they'll never do that!) jeez give me a break! :D xoxo
I think we all know who the main susplex are.
I am relatively new to this forum and I am perplexed.
(Clinches fist.... Yesss....)
This screenplay alone can become quite complex. *Now everyone can roll their eyes...I'm sure it's happening but I hope it doesn't!:rolleyes:

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