Things to help child's skin?


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Hi everyone :) this site is amazing! I’ve actually joined as I’m looking to change career and get qualified however I do need help with something only you pros might know!
My daughter is 9 and has just had some blackheads appear around her nose; what is ok to use on her face at this age as I guess it’s sensitive and I don’t want to make anything worse? I had awful skin as a teenager and I think this is just making me panic it’s starting already for her! Thank you so much for reading and any tips you can give!


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I’m not a skin pro but as a mum, I’d say ignore it for now and don’t point them out and make a big deal of it.
She’s probably already starting puberty and the hormonal changes will affect her body so focus on building her confidence as her body changes.
Make sure she’s eating a balanced diet with a range of vitamins and minerals (my biggest struggle!) and talk about the positives of growing up and what an amazing young lady she’s becoming.

For my young family members, I tend to use decent quality products, ideally organic ranges, without excessive unnecessary chemicals.


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Totally agree with all of your points thank you so much and I wouldn’t have dreamed of pointing them out to her, she was questioning them; but your right about not making a big deal of it. Thank you for product tips :)
Cetphil do a good cleanser for sensitive skin. Its soap free. I have excema and dry skin on my face but also get blackheads on nose and sometimes chin but I find this has stopped alot of that. I've tried numerous different cleansers.


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Thank you!