to beauty school or not!???


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May 13, 2004
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Hi i am a nail tech starting to work from home and i am thinking of going to beauty school again i droped out first time.. is i worth my while??? or am i ok with just doing nails alone only reason i'm thinking of doing this as in future if i go into a salon it maybe an advantage... anyway what do you all reckon????
Reminds me off the grease song......Beauty School drop out :lol:
I would say it depend on what your future plans are ?
In lots of salon nail techs work along side beauty theripsts. If you would like to do the whole package then maybe it is worth giving it another go.
Hi there
It depends on how much time you want to devote to your course. Being more mature I don't want to spent all week or half a week for 1 or 2 yrs at college, can't spend that time. So I've done shorter more intense courses, which of course cost more but I can suit myself as to when I do them.

Hope this helps
I must admit found couses from both private and adult ed colleges very helpful indeed as it is all in the intrests of experience. I completed my beauty therapy level 2 then realised it was not the direction i wanted to go, but the couse taught me alot about looking after myself, which i'm grateful for so it wasn't a waste to me.

In terms of nails, i also completed my unit 19 in advanced nails, this really helped as i had more time to practice + it made more sense when i went for private tuition from a nail company. I also try to take in as much information as possible from as many souces as available. Everyone only wants to make u better at your job.

Now i only wish i could afford to do more couses i love em.

It's very inspiring, indeed.
thanks, i would prefare to do more kinda spa type stuff do you have to be a qulified in beauty school first or can you do short courses

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