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Aug 3, 2010
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South Yorkshire
I hope you guys don't mind I've come over from the beauty side, I was just wondering if you guys could help.
I have my hair bleached it's only short and I like it white but my hairdresser can't seem to get it there.
He uses wella products and bleaches it then washes it out, dries it then puts a toner on it and that should take the yellow out of it.
Unfortunately it's patchy and I don't like it I want it all one colour but I'm fed up of asking he won't tell me what colour he uses coz he wants it to be a secret (strange man) he says I won't ever get it white white because my hair is dark underneath, I'm a light brown colour naturally.
I use Schwarzkopf Bonacure Silver Reflex Shampoo from the warehouse which works sometimes but still wont lift the yellow tones.
Someone help me I want a good toner that I can pick up at the warehouse! My hairdresser is one that thinks coz he has been going so long he doesn't need advice or extra training, so he only knows wella products.
I understand if you don't wanna help I'm not a hairdresser after all x x x
i would either go back or go to a different hairdresser x
I agree, if youre not happy with the result or your stylist, find another salon. I really wouldnt mess around with toners from the warehouse, its not worth risking ballsing it up. Get a good stylist hun xxx