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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Just back at work after a weekend away and lo and behold my desk was graced with the new Nails (uk).

Thumbing through the rag and quickly spotted a pic of the site and a nice little snippit about the 'Which single Nail Rag could you not live without?' topic and poll where techs were asked to discuss the industry rags and which one out of all of them (they could only choose one) could they not do without.

Cheers to all the pro mags for taking such an active interest in the site and its members. Key people from each decent trade magazine frequent the site and use it as a tool to help them make better rags for you.
Make sure you take the time to support them as they support us by giving them your feedback whenever possible (i.e. the Express yourself in Professional Nails mag post).

Don't forget to make your voice heard on the 'Which single Nail Rag could you not live without?' topic as these magazines are all imperative in keeping our industry professional and informed. Your input makes a difference to each one.

Also... everyone please remember that the address is www. and not www. as I am hick like enough without the 'al' bit. ;)

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