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Sep 19, 2010
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I would very much love to train as a nail technician and start up my own salon in the future.

For weeks I've been researching various courses and products and wondered if someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction with courses as I want to do this properly and not waste money on inappropriate courses.

I have no previous experience of beauty or nails, I just love having my nails done and the way it makes you feel and as I feel passion for it, I think I'd enjoy being a nail technician.

I love Bio Sculpture, its what I always have done on my nails, is the course good for beginners? I note they do a beginners course or are there better courses to do?

Should I look for courses in acrylic, gel or both?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to do this properly.

I live in West Sussex and can commute to London easily enough for a course.

Thank you in advance for your help xx
Gel is an easier system to learn with, but I would advise being able to do both otherwise you risk alienating potential clients! Creative nail design are an excellent training provider and the uk distributor is sweet squared Courses 0845 210 6060
Sweet squared are the uk distributor for minx and shellac also, so really is an excellent starting point as they work with you in partnership to build your career. This link will show you the locations of training providers Locations
If you go onto skin geek they will be able to advise you about beauty courses

I agree with Samjackjord ... if you qualify in all areas then you can offer the right system for the right client ... and I would also agree that CND is the place to go as they seem to be the most versatile offering really good products and systems.

However, I work mainly with Biosculpture and Minx but am trained also with acrylic but most of my clients don't want that ... maybe ask potential clients (or failing that, friends who would have their nails done) to see what they would go for?

Another option is to train in one (if money is tight) and perfect that but keep up to date with other systems around and train with those if you have a call for them at a later date ..

Hope that helps and good luck! x:)x
I am just starting out also.What i was told to do is start with a manicure/pedicure course first which i am now in my last week off and i am loving it.I start my gel course next week which i will learn and i am going to stick with this till i am confident in doing this.Then i am going to look into doing acrylics after that and take things from ther

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