Training to be a nail technician?


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Feb 10, 2016
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Hey all!
Just wondering if anybody can help me out with some info.
I recently lost my receptionist job and decided i want to go for it and become a nail technician something ive wanted to do for years! But i really dont know how to go about anything im preferably wanting to do a stay at home course as i have 2 young children but alot of people have warned me off the ones advertised on google? Also i think id need to do one were i could be set up on a realistic monthly/weekly payment plan as i couldnt afford to pay all at once and a lot of payment plans are 200+ a month !
could anybody please point me in the right direction here or tell me if im being unrealaistic with my prefrences?
thankyou in advance x
P.s im willing to go to a training centre if there is any close to me just an at home course would be great if i could do that im just trying to work around my circumstances.
I would steer clear of these "learn from home courses" what about your local college ", do they do evening classes? Also try a thread search on here, you'll prob find a lot more info on this question, good luck!!
I started with a home learn course for same reasons as yourself and had to have further hands on training as it's just not enough to equip you for working on the public. It seems a good idea but with hindsight I wish I'd gone down a different route.
Hi Kim,

Here at Izabelle Hammon Ltd we offer two day training courses at a range of different venues around the UK.

Would you like me to send you over some more info?

Try your local college and see what they have to offer most colleges will help with childcare costs.

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