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Jul 31, 2004
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Pittsburgh, PA
what kind of training do you all in the U.K. have to go thru. I hear you all mentioning you went thru training w/Creative...etc?

In the US I had to go to school to get my cosmetology license.(1250hours) so I do hair and nails and skin care. However my actual schooling didn't include much work in terms of nails. All we learned were basic manicures and pedicures, but were given the license to do whatever is included in thta realm. I have found myself to have learned 99% of what I know thru on the job training and experience. (I work in a salon for someone else) I am very curious to take a class on just L&P b/c that is the only area where I do not do well. I use backscratchers Dip System and Gel. Can I really be trained to do pink and whites as pretty as some of you do on your first try?
Unfortunately there is no legislation for techs to have any training at all - you can just go into a local beauty suppliers, buy the stuff, and call yourself a nail technician. This is why there are so many people with damaged nails coming into reputable salons which we have to sort out. Or even worse, people NEVER having them done again because of this shoddy work causing untold damage. However, there are people out there trying to address all this, with the introduction of a nationally recognised qualification (an NVQ which you may have seen bandied about) specifically for nails. Until the law changes and it is mandatory to hold a licence to complete nail services, the problem will always be there. I would guess that most - if not all- people who use this site have gone through training direct with a nail supplier first and then look to taking the NVQ. Hope this is the sort of answer you were looking for.

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