Treatments whilst doing a lash lift!


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Mar 9, 2008
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Morning Ladies,

Was wondering what treatments you offer as an extra whilst doing a lash lift?? Do you offer anything with the treatment or as an extra??
Ive started doing a lil hand & arm massage while the first lotions are on. I always felt like a wally waiting around before so im happy now lol.

I think it's a really nice idea to do treatments during development time but I always find I can get so much done in those minutes - getting back to client texts, sending reminders, filling out cards, filing etc. It's like those minutes are magic!
Im mobile & quite rural so no phone reception when Im at most clients (dont like to ask for the wifi password either haha)

I found I was just standing around their kitchens/living rooms feeling really arkward while they developed! & the 8-14 minutes always felt so loooong! The massages have gone down quite well & only costs a squirt of lotion so its a bit of a win-win :)
Like I said it's lovely. Yes would be weird to stand doing nothing in a clients house and would be rude to ask for the wifi password.
If I worked mobile I think I'd do the same.
I always worry they have cctv & watch me xx

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