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Jul 22, 2011
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North Somerset/Bristol

Some of you already of seen this on Facebook already, but thought id share it for those that haven't as it restores your faith In humanity an really touched my heart although I'm an emotional wreck an cry at everything lol! These people are so selfless, and truly are heros! It got me thinking how far i would go an how much I'd risk for a complete stranger and to be totally honest if put in a situation like that I think if freeze and don't think I'd be any help what so ever although I hope I could prove myself wrong and do something awesome like the people in the clip!
What would you do if in any of these situations? Have any if you done something like this already?
My OH saved a baby in a pram that the mum had let go of an it wheeled down the hill into a very busy main road he ran in front of a lorry to push the pram out of the way, he was only 11, thank god the lorry driver was vigilant!
I've inly ever done the normal stuff like helping people up after they've fallen and that sort of thing!


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