Two colours for a weave - where to place?


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Aug 4, 2015
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United Kingdom
I am seeing a lady tonight, she is a 613 on I would say 3/4 of her hair, but the bottom layer (which is covered in majority by her blonde) is shade 18 (dark blonde - practically her natural colour). I have ordered 150g of hair, with 100g being 613 and 50g shade 18. The bottom layer of the darker blonder is the longest point of the hair, and is at least an inch of this dark blonde.

She says she always has 3/4 rows, mainly tripled, but I don't like to triple on the bottom row. So i was thinking:-

Bottom Row / Double #18
Middle Row / Triple #18 #613 #613
Top Row / Triple #613

If there is room for a fourth row, then that will be 613 also.

Is this what every else would do? Or would you stick to triple rows and put #18 in the middle of the #613 on all the rows?
I'd put middle row #613 #18 #613.... So it looks like a gradual change to blonde???

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