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Apr 26, 2003
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hi i did a client yesterday with natural look velocity tips and gel overlay, do u cut away anymore of the contact area and do u need to blend them or not...i felt i had to blend them a bit
Hi Vicki, hope all is well with your new shop and new hubby........
Yes, you would either blend when doing natural or you can take out most of the contact area. If you didn`t blend, couldn`t you see the tip through the overlay???????
The only time I wouldn`t blend would be when doing a pink and white
hi is cool, been open 3 days and already on target for cash flow predictions...
anyway back to tips...i took out half the contact area of the velocity and i could see the line as she had a clear gel do i take out all contact area on velocity when doing clear overlay? Vicx
I am not sure if I'm reading your post correctly but it sounds to me like you are pre-blending (taking out half the contact area before applying tip?) and then not blending in the rest of the tip once it is applied? Is that what you are doing?

If so, you definitely need to blend the rest of the tip once it's applied to the natural nail so no line should be visible. Now if that's not what you meant, either way, you need to blend the tip more before you apply any product over it.
Just bumping this back up to help with your answer. One of the best ways to deal with Velocity Tips is to pre-tailor them. Velcoity are great tips for good nails; they don't have much contact area to begin with so they are not brilliant for nail biters - Formation or Eclipse would always work better in that situation!! :shock: OK so, you can take out most of the contact area but thin the tip BEFORE you apply to your client, then when they are applied, you don't have hardly any blending and what you do have takes seconds. Tips always look better when blended whether or not you are doing pink & white! Velocity Tips are so named because they are 'fast and quick' to apply!! Hope this clarifies!! ;)

I was just about to post a similar post. Glad to hear all is going well in your salon Vicki...

I normally use NSI Elation Tips, which have have a fairly reduced contact area. Well I went to do a set of Tip and Overlay in a salon I am going to be working in last night, and they use EZ Flow Tips, the ones I used as the model wanted natural finish had what I think was a full contact area.

I have never had to do this before but I filed away about half the contact area before applying tips and once applied I then blended the tips. But this was very time consuming, and there were still a couple of lines showing through the overlay...

What grit file should I be using to blend?? Any other tips???

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