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New Tech

Jul 14, 2003
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Hello! I'm a newly graduated Tech that was taught using LCN products. I'm feeling a tad out of the loop on things. I hear so many terms on nail tech boards...things I never heard them use at school. Like that the same as a fill? And back fill and front fill? And because I was so uninformed myself...I didn't know that the school I was going to attend was going to use one product line. So....I never learned Acrylics....any suggestions on one to start with...some thing forgiving maybe....I've hear YN is good. Sorry in advance...because you'll all probably see many silly questions on here from me! :(
Welcome to the site...

A Rebalance is terminology for 'maintaining the toughness of the nail enhancement and protecting the health of the natural nail plate as it grows'... Yup... it can be the same as a fill...though I have to say I have never heard of a 'front fill' :?

Check out the tutorials section as there is one on Rebalancing/fills.

I haven’t used YN so personally I cant comment though I have heard some good things about it too.
I personally use Creative and don’t think I would need any other myself ;)

nJoy the site
Welcome to the board and ask as many daft questions as you like, I`m sure you`ll always get an answer.
L&P is very different to gel to use and after trying a few I have settled with creative, they have a great product with great tuition and complete backing once you`re out there. I can honestly say I haven`t had that from any other products I`ve used.
Good luck with your choice
Hi there, I am in Ontario so as far as anything local I can't really help you but if you are using gel, perhaps you are using the akzentz line? The distributor is in Calgary and the product is very good.

I can't believe you didn't learn about acrylic in school. We learned with Creative products. Go to your local Beauticians / Jaguar or whatever the store is called out there (Beauty Supply Group?) and pick up one of their flyers. They usually have classes listed in the back that are put on by Creative or OPI or Star Nail - all have acrylic lines. See if there is something there you can take, at least it's a start.

And last but definitely not least, check out the tutorials on this site, they are very detailed and very good for practicing, once you have the basics down.

Good luck!
hi and welcome to the board it is totally fab on here , you will pick up loads of helpful hints and (tips ) ha ha , you will love it .
welcome loads to this wicked site, i bet you are like me and only wish you found it sooner! this site is great and so is everyone on here so you will have loads of fun im sure!
loads of love
trace xx
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