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Apr 27, 2004
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hi i will be starting my vtct in sweedish massage and indian head massage in september anyone recommend any books for the nvq massage also indian head massage book??
thanxs xx
Hi Emma, I did my Indian Head course at college and used the books from the college library which was brill! I found one book particularly helpful and I think it was Indian Head Massage by Helen McGuiness! Of course I don't have the book to check! I seem to remember it had a pink cover. It really covered all aspects of the course and I learnt some things from it that weren't covered by our tutor but were in our exam! If you can hang on to the show, you may be able to find the book or others there.
hi thanxs i didnt think they sold books there so i will hang on and wait till excel thanxs xx
Emma - Willen Ltd are the usual book suppliers - they have a great selection and I usually end up at their stand for ages looking through all the lovely books! You can email them on: [email protected] HTH. xxx

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