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Apr 23, 2004
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Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a course for waxing? I live in the North West. The more recognised the qualification, the better for me. Anybody help at all?

Cheers xx
I know that Sallys ( beauty & hair wholesalers) do a waxing course for about £80 + VAT & they run quite regularly. Not sure how many days it's for & what you get, if anything at all but give them a call.
hi wont your local college do a vtct course in waxing , hope this helps
Hiya, thanks for your replies. My local college has stopped doing individual courses like this and it is now covered as part of the Beauty Therapy course.

There is other training around but none that carries recognised awarding body certificates and I'm bothered about insurance etc.

Anybody any advice?
Hi there

I did a one day course at Capital Hair and Beauty run by Salon Systems, and I must say the trainer was excellent and the course very good. You receive a book, and talk about hair and skin etc, then practice on each other under her guidance. They are then available to help you should you need to ring them.

This course was for warm waxing, they do do hot waxing if your into brazilians!
£80 plus Vat

How appropriate to find this post!!

I'm in Lancaster and looking into waxing too! Lancaster college does a VCTC (probably got the letters the wrong way round) it's 20 weeks on a tuesday night for three hours. Costs about £70 plus kit plus books (anyone ideas what books they might be?)

Only thing is, you have to provide models - being new to the area i don't really know anyone, so does anyone here fancy being a model, or have people they know which would be willing to help?

If you want the number of the college please pm me, maybe we could go together, if it's not too far for you to travel from Bolton?
Hiya, I'd love to go to the college with you but I think it's probably too far to travel. Having said that, I will check. If it was an intensive course, maybe over 10 weeks, then it wouldn't be so bad. I will check anyway and see just how far it really is!


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