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Apr 6, 2003
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Hi Everyone!

I have recently started working from home doing just nails, I have converted my dining room into a little salon and I love it. I have only been set up for about 3 months and things are going okay, I am gaining clients by referral but nearly everyone that comes asks me if I do waxing. At the moment their isn't really anyone in the area that does it and I feel that it could be a step in the right direction for me, its quick to do, I have the space for a couch and the money is good. :D

Can anyone recommend a course for this, ideally I want to go on a day/week course rather than enrolling through college? I have found a few sites on the internet for various colleges that do a few day courses but can anyone suggest a good one? :?:

Many thanks
Theres one in London, called Papillon of Knightsbridge ( I think) They'rer supposed to be good & they offer courses in all waxing inc Brazillian, Californian etc. Thats where the money really is in waxing! check their ad in the back of Nails Mag.
Hi Kitty

Many thanks for your reply, do you offer waxing as well then? I do have a copy of Nails Mag but never thought to check in there. :huh:

I am right in thinking (or have I plucked this out of the air!) that you need an extra license/certificate/insurance to be able to do Brazillian, etc? I have found a course that offer basic waxing but I think these would come under the advanced skills bit? If so I think I need to get my basic qualification first?

As you can see I'm a bit lost on this, any help would be galdly received :!: :?:
HEllo Tracy,

no, I don't offer waxing, although I might consider it, when I get my head around nails fully!!LOL I'm just a customer,I don't know about needing extra ins or anything, I'd give them a call & they'll tell you all you need to know, I'm sure

Here's their number ;

0207 589 7445 tel

Here a Brazillian is about £40-50
a Californian is about £35-40.

Not bad for 30mins work is it???

Actually, I may just give them a call now myself!!
[/quote]Actually, I may just give them a call now myself!!

Yeooowweeeee!!! :twisted:
Hi Tracy, I do beauty therapy as well as nails therefore I do waxing regularly too (although I absolutely hate it). You can get a waxing course just about everywhere now, have a look in the back of a trade magazine. If you don`t have any joy, get back to me and I`ll check out some for you. Also, I wasn`t under the impression that you had to have a different licence or qualification to do brazilian, hollywood, etc. I`ll have to check that out. I haven`t been asked for them yet, although I`ve come pretty close.

Just wanted to say thanks for the tips Kitty and Debs. I think I might have found a course for me to do, its quite local and I'm also going to sign up to do the pedicure course. My poor Barclaycard :rolleyes:

Perhaps you don't need an extra qualifiaction, I just thought I'd read that on another board but knowing me I more than likely plucked it out of thin air! ;) Please let me know if you do find out.

I don't think I'm ready to find out what a Holloywood is :shock: :twisted:
I dont know what qualifications you need over there, I do beauty therapy as well and also absolutely hate waxing.....I did a seperate certificate to do Brazilian, XXX waxing......its painful just thinking about it :shock:
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