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Mar 14, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I have a wedding hair up next week and myself and a bridesmaid hair to do, I have done a few trials but was wondering if anybody had some advice or tips to make the day run smooth and stress free if this is possible xx
I love doing weddings!! The atmosphere is great, all I can say is give your self plenty of time, you have done trials so you know what kind of time scales & looks that your aiming to achieve, make sure u have plenty of pins & spray & enjoy it!!! Take tissues, as the mother of the bride tends to always cry when u have the bride ready which in turn sets every one else off!! Lol hope it all goes well, u will do great I'm sure!! Xx
Thank you will let you know how it goes x
Hi everyone the wedding was fab the hair looked great trying to upload Pics, the only problem I had was the rain but I took my wand with me to redo curls. Need to do a few more I think to build up my confidence and timing.

Does anyone know know a nice hairspray to use on fine hair that will hold curls I found Fudge Thermal hold spray to heavy but worked great on my hair which is thicker?
Look forward to seeing pics, its a lovely job doing weddings, absolutely love wedding season im pretty much booked every weekend now till October with wedding hair and make up :)

I really like loreal infinium queen, strength 4, really good hold but very light as well xXx

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Thank you will try it, and put pics up soon x