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Jul 31, 2010
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I've got a new client tomorrow who is looking for highlights to top up what she has currently. She claims not to have them done for 6 months but I doubt that. I would say shes a base 8 and her highlights are quite yellow looking which she likes!!!

Her hair also looks like a full head tint rather than highlights so I've told her I would like to tone out some of the yellow and make her hair look more highlighted.
She wants it as bright as it is just now so thought I would put minial low lights in it just to break the colour up really.

On that basis I would probably use a few different colours but not sure which.

Firstly I as thinking a 12.1 as the lightest colour then wondered if I should go with an 9.3 as i did that last week on a client and it looked great but wasn't sure about adding gold?? Was then wondering if I should use the violet ash shades!! For the low light I thought just an 8 as she doesn't want it darker?? Any suggestions. Her base is really light and she has no grey.

the best way to talk your client in to having darker 1s is by saying it will last longer that she wont get as much regrowth and it will look healthier!!!!! maybe do 3 cols in there bleach 3% for lift 12/1 or 12/3 with 12% for the goldy col and then i would use base 7 with 7/03 or 7/07 use 3% if you have it, it stops the hair from lifting. she wont even notice it in the hair but will look alot better if you use base 8 it wont show it will get lost in all the blonde hair
i hope that helps

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