Where's she gone?


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So pretty as allways the colours look great......I love glitter over everything :D
Keep um rolling in Christies .
Take care Dawnie xxx
Too true Kitty!!!

Absolutely gorgeous as always Christie. Your fan club here in England (and possibly the rest of the world) were getting worried about you!! Actually we were more concerned about where we were going to get our inspiration from! :tongue:


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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
Has anyone heard from the brilliant Christie of late? I just noticed that she's not been posting. Is she on holiday?
Hi Kelly
I was thinking that myself running out of ideas for nail art and waiting for Christies pics :D
I love to try to copie her flowers they are just sooooooooo cool.

Take care Dawnie
I knoew what you mean!!!
lol...never gone...always watching..like big brother...er..sister...lol
Here is a pic for ya all....did this last week... Creatives XXX polish..white flame type something...painted with a fan brush..then gold glitter over everything. She was on vacation and going to go see our active volcano..Kilauea. So seemed appropriate.

Lovett!! :tongue:
So pretty & can you stop rubbign it in about how wonderful Hawaii is :twisted: some of us live in manky ole' England ya know!! ;)
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