Which service to add to my shop?


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Apr 2, 2013
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Redmond, wa
Currently I only do hair. Thinking of adding lashes or makeup or nails. Which does better? Also thinking about learning microblading. Only want to throw myself into one other thing but I don't know which.
I work a salon and our popular treatment in beauty is nails and brows.
Agree...Nails & brows are quite popular.
Question is, what would you prefer?
Be realistic with what would earn you the most money.
Pointless training and perfecting a skill that brings you less money than one of your hair service's would!:oops:
Yes that is true but I want my shop to offer more than just hair. I do think nails is a good idea. Thanks!
I have a hair salon and have just completed my HD brow course to add something different and my clients are very excited about it

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